Fire Inspections & Testing

Inspections & Testing of Fire Sprinklers – What to Expect

Regular inspections and testing of your fire sprinkler system is very important for maintaining system integrity, keeping people and property safe and avoiding penalties for noncompliance with code. Even during times when your building is unoccupied, it still must be a priority to have your fire sprinklers inspected and tested.

What is an inspection?

An inspection of your fire sprinkler system involves a visual check of sprinkler components. During an inspection, a technician will check to make sure everything looks to be in proper condition with no signs of damage or disrepair.

What is testing?

Testing of your fire sprinkler system includes more in-depth physical checks of your system to make sure sprinkler components are working properly. During a sprinkler system test, the functionality of your system is verified by a technician.

How frequently does my system need to be inspected or tested?

The frequency of your fire sprinkler system depends on a number of factors including:

  • NFPA 25 standards
  • Local code
  • Building occupancy type
  • Fire sprinkler system type
  • Insurance requirements

NFPA 25 is the Standard for Water-Based Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing and Maintenance. Most local code requirements are based on NFPA 25 code. Some fire types of fire sprinkler systems such as pre-action, deluge, dry sprinkler systems or sprinkler systems with a fire pump may have additional inspection and testing requirements.


Every month, gauges and control valves must be inspected on your fire sprinkler system. Deluge and pre-action systems need inspections of gauges and control valves on a weekly basis.


Alarm devices, hydraulic nameplates, and fire department connections must be inspected every quarter. Testing of alarm devices and the main drain are also required quarterly.


Testing of vane and pressure switch type devices is required semi-annually.


Inspections of hanger/seismic bracing, pipes and fittings, spare sprinklers and signage is done annually. Every year, fire sprinkler systems need a complete testing. The main drain, water flow, the fire pump, antifreeze solutions and alarm devices are testing annually.

Every 5 years

Inspections of internal piping in your fire sprinkler system must be performed every 5 years.

Every 10 years

Dry sprinkler systems must be tested and/or replaced every 10 years.

IFP Performs Sprinkler Inspections

International Fire Protection provides fire sprinkler inspections to commercial, industrial and residential properties in the Southeast United States. We can perform inspections and testing for your fire sprinkler system as often as required. After the inspections and testing are performed, we will follow up with a full inspection report with recommendations for corrective actions that should be taken. Contact IFP today to schedule your next inspection.